Win-It Wednesday: Delacroix Academy by Inara Scott

The winner of last week's April, May & June Robin Benway contest is... Toreyy! Send me your address, T! delacroix.jpgThis week, I have a Cover Story + Contest combo (must like yesterday's -- enter Janet Lee Carey's contest too!) Today, Inara Scott is here to tell us about the cover of her new book, Delacroix Academy (and she's giving away a copy of the book!).

Here's Inara:

"I dreamed, as all authors do, of having the perfect cover. But I really didn't know what that might be. I knew it had to have gates on it -- the Delcroix gates play a significant role in the book, and they have a high creepy factor. ;-) So I definitely hoped they would make an appearance. Other than that, I didn't know exactly what I wanted. I did know I didn't want a couple of stock models kissing. Especially not stock models without heads. Or faces. (shudder)

"I seem to recall them asking if I had any ideas, and I pretty much said exactly what I said above -- I'm hoping you come up with something amazing and cool, but I have no idea what that might be. LOL.

"When I first saw the cover, I ADORED it. Still do. I absolutely love love love it. Am I gushing? Let me gush some more. It's perfect. I love the colors, the power it suggests, the gates, the danger, and Dancia's face is awesome. I did get to see three different takes on the cover with slightly different gate styles and color palettes. But I didn't have a strong opinion. They all looked gorgeous.

"The style on the gate became more square and less ornate, but that was the only change. I know they used a model just for this shoot, because I heard recently that the same model isn't available for book 2, which had them scratching their heads a bit. I'm not sure who they're going to use for the new cover.

"I think this cover tells you a lot about the book. You can see that this is a paranormal story with a strong, powerful heroine and a certain level of suspense or danger. The lack of a couple kissing on the front should also let you know that there may be romance in the book, but it's much more than just a romance."

Thanks, Inara! I certainly think this cover is powerful. It makes me think of the gates to hell or something. Anyone else? Oh, and here's the trailer (sooo creepy awesome!)! Leave a comment about the cover or the trailer, and you're entered to win a copy of the book (US and Canada only--sorry! But any address here works, so if you have a friend who can receive the book for you, you can win!).