Win-It Wednesday: An Off Year by Claire Zulkey

Last week's winner of Paper Towns is... Katie H! I know you really wanted this one, so remind me of your address and it'll be on its way.anoffyear.jpgThis week, I'm giving away a book that I found raucously hilarious. It's an ARC of An Off Year, by debut author Claire Zulkey. Claire used to write for me at ELLEgirl, so i couldn't wait to see how her novel turned out. And it rules. Seriously, you will laugh all the way through it. I wrote about it for I Heart Daily, so you can find out more there. To enter to win, just tell me what you'd do with an off year, or, as the Brits say, a gap year. Sometimes I wish I'd taken time between high school and college to travel or write or maybe just wait tables. Do some real world stuff. What would you do with your year?