Win-It We-Thursday: Teenie by Christopher Grant (Signed!)

Sorrysorrysorry. It's NYC Teen Author Festival week (check out the amazing schedule) and I'm a little of kilter! So... it's Thursday and this is Win-It Wednesday. I do not pretend to always make sense.The winner of last week's giveaway of Miles From Ordinary by Carol Lynch Williams is... Maryam! Send me your address, M. teenie.jpgAnyway, today I got to do a reading at the Brooklyn Public Library's Grand Army branch with amazing authors Melissa Kantor, Gayle Forman, Cathleen Bell, Jeri Smith-Ready and Christopher Grant. I happened to have a copy of Teenie, Christopher's debut novel, in my bag, and he happened to sign it. So that's what you have a shot at winning today. First, let me just say that Christopher is awesome, and he holds a very busy day job as a stock trader, but he writes on the subway. I mean, anyone who says they don't have time to write has to sit down and talk to this guy. He makes the time. Teenie is his super delightful debut, about a high school freshman growing up in Brooklyn with a promising future and a dream to study in Spain. But you know, boys and best friends and life get in the way of some of her goals... and she has to work it all out. You can read excerpts on Christopher's site -- I was into Teenie from page one. (And how gorgeous is that cover?) Here's the full jacket: Teenie Jacket.JPG I would have had Christopher here for a Cover Story, but when I asked him about it he said, "They sent me this image, and I said, 'That's it!'" So there, that's the Cover Story. I love it when it's so easy. Anyway, to win this signed copy of Teenie, name the last author event/reading you attended. If you haven't ever been to one, admit it! But then promise me you'll attend one soon? They're fun -- I promise. Happy Wednes, uh, Thursday!