Win-It Wednesday: Unbreak My Heart ARC

Last week's winner of a brand spanking new So Much Closer paperback is... Bridget! Send me your address, B. This week I've got one final ARC of Unbreak My Heart up for grabs (it's out 5/22). To enter to win it, I want to know what your favorite office supply is. For me, I think it's rainbow sharpies (with post-it notes coming in a close second). This question has nothing to do with anything besides the fact that I was just in a stationery store and I spent way too long pouring over lovely supplies.

And just to get you excited for May 22nd, may I please point you to a few blogger reviews?

" I can't stress enough how firmly this book has wedged itself in my heart." -The Hiding Spot

 "This book earns an infinity amount of stars!" -Novel Nerd Bailey

 "Unbreak My Heart challenged me as a reader...and I loved every bit of it." -Anna Reads

 "There are tinges of Julie Taylor and Matt Saracen in this one. For real, y’all." -Clear Eyes, Full Shelves

Okay, I'll stop. But know this: These reviews make my heart sing (thank you guys!). Just leave a comment below about your favorite office product and you're entered to win the ARC!

Happy Thursday!

PS-Read the first chapter of Unbreak My Heart here.