Win-It Wednesday: The Apple Challenge

Last week, I offered up five copies of Small Town Sinners, and this week, I'm offering up five more! (Last week's winners, chosen at random, are... Julia, Storybound Girl, Meghan Caprez, Nancye Davis and The Brain Lair!) Send me your addresses, guys! This week, another task is at hand. You've seen the heart-bitten apple on the cover. You've wondered: How did they do that? Well... photoshop. But that doesn't mean we can't try to heart-bite an apple. We can! And I have, more times than I care to admit since seeing my cover for the first time last fall (I'll share my attempts too... later). It's kind of fun.

So, to win one of the five ARCs up for grabs over the month of July, go get yourself an apple and try it! Then, email me a photo of your heart-bite attempt (melissacwalker2 AT gmail). I'll post the best pics and choose winners based on skillful heart-making.

I feel okay about letting you send as many photos as you like, because after all, apples are good for you. Get your whole family in on the apple-bitin' fun. Good luck!

PS-The book is out July 19th, and then you can just buy it instead of jumping through my silly hoops to win it, but isn't this fun?

PPS-Here's a closer look at that bite: