Win-It Wednesday: NERD alert

Yay for all the pics of Unbreak My Heart in the wild! Fave pics from Jenny, below, because she spotted it under a "Not Just for Teens" sign and in GREAT company! Yay! I've emailed everyone who won to ask for their choice of books. Thanks again!  

This week, I need your help choosing a pair of glasses. Pick one and let me know what you like in the comments below. Warby Parker is fantastic, btw, and has a fun try-on plan (plus they donate a pair of glasses for every one sold!). I have a top 2, but I want to know what you think... So here are options (1-5):






Which ones!? I know they all look a bit similar, but that's because this is the kind I like! Super nerdy!

I'll choose one commenter at random to win a signed copy of Unbreak My Heart.