Win-It Wednesday: My Life Next Door

I believe I have gushed about Huntley Fitzpatrick's My Life Next Door in various mediums, but here's the blog-gush: This book is so good! It's moving, it's heartfelt, it's family-filled, it's funny, it's sexy. I mean, it's sexy. And in a really sweet way that is so hard to do. Great characters, good pacing, believable situations and a cinematic summery layer, too. So well done! So that's why you want to win it. It can be yours if you enter below. Yes, I'm using a widget. Cool? I would also love a comment if you have one. I'm still old-school like that.

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PS-This contest for my book and a ton of little beauty goodies is still going on... (4 more days!).

PPS-I've also learned about this one, which involves a trip to the Austin Teen Book Festival (Dreamy! I love this festival!).

PPPS-I can read all of your answers, but if you want to share your response, comment below! It's fun to hear what everyone's reading! Bonus entry for doing that.