Win-It Wednesday: As I Wake

You guys, when you have a new baby, Thursday looks a lot like Wednesday, so go with me here. The winner of last week's giveaway of Gabrielle Zevin's All These Things I've Done (which I'm reading and totally into because it feels really original and fluid) is... LiLi! Send me your address, L. This week, I have a copy of Elizabeth Scott's As I Wake. This new book, which I'm cracking open next, is about 17-year-old Ava, who wakes up with no memory of who she is or the world she's living in. Instead, she remembers another life. On her site, Elizabeth talks about how the inspiration for the story (which she wrote most of in 2007) is that there isn't just one world/reality, but many (modal realism). Scroll down to Extras (past the great reviews of this book) to hear more.

Exciting! Explosive cover! Plus, who doesn't love an Elizabeth Scott book? She's awesome, am I right?

To enter to win the hardcover, just comment below and tell me about the best movie you've seen in the theater lately. I haven't been to a movie in weeks, so I'm dying for some cinematic tales.

Happy Wednes--uh, Thursday.