Tuesday Tribute: I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone

In tribute to how friendly and awesome debut author Stephanie Kuehnert is, I guest blogged about my very first concert over at Shooting Stars magazine yesterday, so check it out and comment to win a copy of Violet by Design. Also, they're hosting a huge giveaway, so read the other posts for this week and enter, enter, enter! Next week is the release of Stephanie's I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone, which has been on my wish list for ages. I know I ask you guys this question all the time, but it's an ever-evolving one: What book's at the top of your wish list this week? PS-The always poetic Beth Kephart posted about Violet by Design yesterday, and I have to thank her. Check out her blog and her books for gorgeous writing that will make you want to read and read and read.