Tuesday Gift Bag Peek

Just another peek inside the Violet in Private party gift bag. This time, coconut.jpg I'm showing you Pin Up Balms, these adorable slide-top retro tins filled with lip balm made from all-natural ingredients. There's one in the gift bag, which you can win by entering The Big Contest (rules here), and I'll also give a couple of these as secondary prizes because they were generous enough to give a few extras. I just think they're adorable. I am a sucker for great packaging when it comes to lip balm (or anything, really).And, through September 10th, you can leave a comment on Harmony Book Reviews and have a chance to win a signed copy of Violet in Private! Easy. Also, thanks to Enchanting YA for the Violet in Private review! And check out their new logo, which is pretty dreamy. enchantingya2-1.jpg Happy Tuesday!