Thursday Gift Bag Peek: Sassy Beauty

SassyShConCombo.jpg Just another peek inside the gift bag. You'll win a set of shampoo and conditioner if you make the coolest Violet tribute for The Big Contest (rules here).The best thing about Sassy beauty products is that they're all-natural and made from organic honey, organic olive oil and plant extracts. I'm into organic stuff--I even just started using this Tom's of Maine Lavender deodorant (which, honestly, makes me nervous because what if it doesn't work? But I'm experimenting with it, and it smells really nice!). Are you guys into organic beauty stuff? Anyway, Sassy products will be fun to try, so remember to get your contest entries in by Sept 1st. Oh, and I thought of another idea: now lets reviewers upload video reviews (just click to "post a review" and uploading a video is one option)! One of those for a Violet book would be pretty cool... just a thought. Happy Thursday! PS-Visit The Book Girl Reviews to read an interview with me, and leave some comment love! PPS-Remember to enter Monday's contest for a signed flat of the cover of I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone, and Wednesday's contest for Muk Luks!