The Part of Fashion Week I'm Not Into + Happy Video

It's the snark. The comments about weight, the use of the word "commercial" as an insult to beautiful models, the catty who's-in-the-front-row? chatter at the shows. Blech.heidi%20and%20seal.jpg Mrs. F-B sent me this link about German designer Wolfgang Joop calling Heidi Klum "too heavy" and I just have to say: Puleez. She shines. And I love her and Seal together. But I guess old Wolfgang what's-his-name got a little press out of it. Always remember this: Whenever someone insults you, that insult reflects something they're missing in themselves. A little bit of low self-confidence, perhaps a feeling of not belonging, maybe a dash of I'm-not-worthy. It has nothing to do with you. I hope the NY Fashion Week models remembered that as they put themselves under the spotlight last week. Okay, Oprah moment over. Happy Sunday! PS-The awesome Genevieve did a video review of Violet on the Runway for FiveAwesomeYAFans (a ning you should be a part of, naturally! They have a great collection of videos which totally take up time when I should be writing but it's FUN). Watch below if you've got a sec. This one made me feel all *happy*!