The May Release Contest: Me and Susane Colasanti!

Lovestruck Summer, by me, and Waiting for You, by Susane Colasanti, are almost in stores (or maybe even already in stores!). So we invented a contest, and we present it to you in video format: Forgive me for my amateur hour filming and editing--I tried! So, you got it, right? Basically, you just comment here telling me your favorite TV or movie soulmates, and you'll be entered to win Susane's prizes. Then go comment at Susane's blog for a chance to win my prizes. And to get a double entry, share this video via your blog, twitter, facebook, myspace, an email--whatever. Just tell us you did that and your entry doubles itself. Yay! You've got a whole month to enter! We'll choose a winner on June 1st. product_Lip_Bronzer_001_l.pngAnd, just so you know, that full Too Faced makeup set includes: Lip Bronzer in "Sun Bunny," Pinch My Petals Blush, a cruelty-free Powder & Blush Kabuki Brush, Mineral Bronzer with crushed fresh water pearls, Lockdown Creaseless Cream Eye Shadow in "I'm Guilty." Thanks, Too Faced! Happy Release Month! (Uh, to me? And Susane!)