The Library-Loving Blog Challenge!

Love-Libraries-libraries-190950_1088_752.jpgThis is a library-loving blog challenge!For every commenter on this post between now and 3/26 at midnight, I will donate one book to my local library: The Brooklyn Public Library, up to 50 books. (Yes, this kind of scares me but I'm ready to do it!) How easy could it be? You comment, I cough up the books, the library gets a gift! If you don't know what to say in your comment, "I love libraries" will do. I asked my friend and librarian Marie Hansen why she loves libraries so much, and she said, "I love libraries because they are full of FREE books! Free books is an amazing concept!" YES! Note that my pledge is "per commenter"--so if a single person leaves 50 comments, that still only counts once! But you can do more by spreading the word ... please link to this post, tweet about it, and send your friends here so they can comment and raise more donations. If you're moved to make a flat-fee donation to your library, or to start your own challenge, bring it on!, and please leave that information in the comments. For a complete list of participating bloggers (and to visit other sites where you can help libraries just by leaving a comment!) visit the writerjenn blog. Happy Tuesday! star1.jpg*UPDATE* Since 50 was too low a bar (thanks, everyone!), I'll now donate 50 books for the first 50 commenters plus $1 for each additional comment through Friday 3/26 at midnight, up to $100 (so 150 comments = 50 new books + $100 for the Brooklyn Public Library). Yay!