The dreaded Mac panic

questionmark.gifWhen you see the flashing question mark as you start up your MacBook, a sense of dread sets in. You start to think about all the things you haven't backed up: The revise of your second book, the last five chapters of your due-on-September-1st third book, your invoicing system for the magazine work you do, interviews with subjects for magazine stories that are due this week, etc. You may even curse Apple, because you bought the computer last May and your warranty expired on May 18th.Damn you, Genius Bar!! Today, I will put my head down and cry as I take my MacBook in to the Mac store and beg them to recover some data. Then I will get some perspective: No one close to me died today, there are many, many worse things in life. But still, man: This SUCKS. PS-My friend Lynn Harris has a book out TODAY! Click through her site to order a copy of Death by Chick Lit (I haven't read it yet, but I'd make a bet that it's fast and funny and entertaining as heck).