The Barefoot Contessa and Me

ina_bakery.jpg Just look at her admiring the bread! She loves bread! I love bread! She loves Paris! I love Paris! I'm slightly obsessed with Ina Garten, the happy Hamptons homemaker on The Food Network's Barefoot Contessa. Is that weird?I love her house, which I know is not weird, because it's gorgeous and at the beach and has a manicured garden. I love her recipes, because they seem not too hard and one day I'll try making one. And when I got engaged this year, I immediately registered for the exact things she has in her kitchen (KitchenAid mixer, that shiny Le Creuset dutch oven) just so I can be like her. I also dream of one day hanging out with my gorgeous and witty gay boyfriends like she does often at mealtime when Jeffrey (her husband of 39 years!) is stuck at work in Manhattan. Oh, and I want to look this freckled and young when I'm her age (she must be 60, right?). Anyway, I'm rambling, but do you guys ever watch the Food Network? I find it oddly soothing, at least with certain chefs. Ina, I would love to have dinner with you in the Hamptons. Please call me! PS-Today is the final day to enter for last week's "Win-It Wednesday." Go here!