Thank you for the entries! (And Gossip Girl)

PM_OrangeGirl_sm.gif The Big Contest is now officially closed! Thanks to everyone who sent entries--they are amazing and making me so, so happy.And here's another peek into the Violet Book Party gift bag: Kailo Chic donated a fabulous pocket mirror like the one pictured above (though patterns vary, they're all cool, and affordable!). I'll try to choose a winner by Friday (it'll be hard!). In the meantime, visit me on author Sara Hantz's blog where I did a guest vlog about a recent online shopping spree. (And read Sara's cover story for The Second Virginity of Suzy Green here). And as an end to my author-of-the-month stint at Harmony Book Reviews, I answered lots of fun questions and Skyanne posted a review of Violet in Private. Thanks for having me, Skyanne! PS-One more day to answer Win-It Wednesday's "What would you Be?" question from last week. The Just Be people are watching, so someone's slogan might end up on a tee, who knows? PPS-I have to say this: How good was Gossip Girl last night? (Despite the fact that everyone looked oddly tan or weirdly made up--was that just an HD thing?) Either way, I'm psyched for Chuck-and-Blair action. Chuck is amazing, as I have upheld since the first episodes. I loved Blair's bathing suit! And did we notice the Vitamin Water sponsorship complimented by the mention of a Vitamin Water White Party? Smooth product placement. Also, coincidence that Chace Crawford's ex, Carrie Underwood, is the Vitimin Water spokesperson? Probably. Best line: "The lifeguard's got a Camaro. And not in an ironic 'I've got a Camaro' way." Best guest star: Tinsley Mortimer! Real life socialite. Best commericial: Preview for Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist. Cannot wait for that movie! Blog-Gossip-Girl-Finale-Chuck-Blair.jpg