Photo Friday: Book Cat

I got some ARCs of Small Town Sinners (those are galleys, or early copies, for the non-book-insidery among us). They're pretty and my cat Swayze loves them, as you can see. (Uh, or maybe he's just bewildered? Cats are tough to read).Swayze ARCs.jpg (Note to self: Clean up Christmas tree needles... argh.) I promise to host a few contests this spring so you can have a chance to win a copy before the release. July 19th still feels far away! Happy weekend! PS-My letter to my teen self is up on the amazing site Dear Teen Me today! These letters are all fantastic, I feel honored to be in such company -- definitely go read them!

Photo Friday: Fashion High and Squash Soup

On Wednesday I put on a purple skirt and purple tights and headed to the High School of Fashion Industries in Manhattan... It was awe-some. And they're totally all on twitter.hsfi.jpeg They've been so supportive of the Violet books, and they had this lovely display all set up in the library! violet.jpeg In domestic news, I made Squash Soup (with homemade croutons!) this week. Here are the ingredients: soup ingredients.jpeg And the final product: squash soup.jpeg Swayze wanted more... swayze dinner.jpeg Happy weekend!