Cover Stories: Everlasting by Alyson Noel

everlasting[1].jpgThe super-amazing Alyson Noel is here to share her thoughts on the final cover in the Immortals series (can't believe it's ending!). Remember that you can win two of her re-issued books this week on the blog, so enter here by Wednesday 3/2.Now, here's Alyson: "After writing 16 books (14 published - 2 in production), I still don't give much thought to cover concepts until I'm asked by my publisher to share my thoughts on cover concepts--despite the fact that I imagine the characters so vividly I often feel like I'm transcribing the movie that plays in my head. But when it comes to envisioning a single image meant to both convey the story within and entice potential readers to grab it off the shelf . . .well, I'm more than happy to leave that to the professionals. So it's a good thing I have the wildly talented, Angela Goddard, the St. Martin's cover designer, to rely on. "As the sixth and final installment in The Immortals series, I'd been thinking about the EVERLASTING cover pretty much since the start. And when asked for my input, I mentioned something about the lotus flower serving as an important symbol, and . . . well . . . that's about it. I was eager to see it, had really high hopes for it, but I just didn't have a defined idea for how it should look. "When they sent me the final image, I had the same response I did when I first saw the EVERMORE cover--I squealed with delight! I'm thrilled with the result: I love the way the lotus blossom appears lit from within, I love the way Ever and Damen's lips don't quite touch, I love the fact that Damen finally made his cover debut... I just love it overall. I think it's a really great bookend to EVERMORE, and a perfect way to end the series, and I really hope the readers love it too!" Thanks, Alyson! This epic series has been a huge fan favorite, and the covers just glow. What do you guys think?