dear bully

Win-It Wednesday: Dear Bully

I'm just halfway through Dear Bully, out this week, which has essays by 70 authors (including yours truly) around the topic of bullying, and I am having to take breaks because the stories are so raw and real. This is a fantastic anthology, and I'm honored to be included. (Thanks especially to amazing editors Megan Kelley Hall and Carrie Jones.) Last night I cried before bed as I read this. I mean, I do have a new baby and sleep deprivation is real, but I think it was more this book that put me over the edge in a good way--this is emotional stuff!

I have two ARCs that will go to two winners. To enter, comment below and just tell me how bullying has touched your life. Tell a story or just say, "I was bullied" or "My best friend was bullied" (or, if you're like me, "I was a bully, too"). I won't pry, I just find some comfort in knowing we all experience this. If more kids knew that, maybe more of us would be able to stand up to bullying, help out, not participate ourselves.

Here are two great ways to stem the bully tide: Just Hit Delete and The Bully Project.

I'll pick winners next week. Happy Wednesday!

PS-Like the book on Facebook for updates and events. 70 authors, man. That's a lot of event possibilities!

Dear Bully in Glamour Magazine!

DEARBULLY.cvr.PW.jpgYou guys may have heard about the upcoming fall anthology Dear Bully, edited by Megan Kelley Hall and Carrie Jones. (The cover's creepy, right? But effective.)I have an essay in the mix of incredible authors who shared their own stories, which makes me really proud, and the book's back story is in Glamour this month. I had to share the article! Join the Young Adult Authors Against Bullying page on Facebook, too, for stories and anti-bullying strategies. Because haven't we all confronted this in one way or another? Click below to make the pages bigger/readable. glamour bully.jpg bully2.jpg