Cover Stories: Beautiful by Amy Reed + The Melting Season by Jami Attenberg

So you guys know how I'm doing some Cover Stories for Barnes & Noble now, right? It's fun! So many covers, so little time. For example, Amy Reed's Beautiful Cover Story is up at Unabashedly Bookish. How cool is that full cover wrap?!Beautiful fullcover 3.09.jpg melting.jpgAlso check out the Cover Story for Jami Attenberg's The Melting Season. An excerpt: "The first cover I saw I hated immediately! It felt like it had nothing to do with the emotional thrust of the story, and it seemed frivolous. It was basically a woman in a white tank top with little snowflakes floating around her. (The snowflakes kind of looked like bubbles, which kind of made me hate it even more.)" Ooh, how will it be resolved??? Go read. Haha.