Win-It Wednesday: What Would Emma Do? By Eileen Cook

So glad so many of you wanted to win Revolutionary Road! And the winner, who is obligated to tell me what she thinks of the book (because I am obsessed) is... Cecilia! Send me your address, and you'll get the movie version of the book mailed out to you shortly! wwed.jpg On to this week's contest: I did a Cover Story interview with Eileen Cook last month, and then I devoured her latest book, What Would Emma Do? So now, I'm passing it on to you! Emma is a great narrator, and this book is a blast. You'll enjoy it.

So, to enter the contest, just tell me one thing that's made you happy today (whatever day you're reading this). Don't think too hard, just let the happy thing pop into your mind and then write it in the comments. I'll choose a winner next Wednesday.

Hunterboots.jpg For me, it made me happy that my new Hunter Festival boots came in the mail; they are seriously tough and perfect for the snow I have to face tonight when I go into the city. They're called "Festival" boots because they're made in Scotland, where big music festivals can get really muddy and you need these "wellies" to save your feet. Aren't they cute?

Happy Wednesday!