Saturday Surprise: Page Six!

p6_rj-pf-bh-cs-mg.gif How fun to have this gossip page mention appear today.Here's what it says under the "We Hear" section: "THAT Nicky Hilton will host a clambake at the Grey Goose Manor in East Hampton tonight. . . THAT John Ventimiglia, who played Artie Bucco on "The Sopranos," is taking over the male lead opposite Meital Dohan in the off-Broadway play "Stitching," starting Wednesday . . . THAT Page Six gets a nice mention in "Violet in Private," Melissa Walker's new novel about the fashion industry, when 19-year-old heroine Violet Greenfield finds a photo of herself leaving a hot Manhattan club splashed in our column the next day." It's no clambake in the Hamptons, but I'm so glad I can be a bold-faced name on Page Six in a way my mom can be proud of. Phew! I think Violet should be a bold-faced name, too, but I guess fictional characters don't get all the perks. Happy Saturday!