Book News, Romeo & Juliet, Charlotte Sometimes

1. That sparkly heart indicates a new book deal! Yay! Hope you guys will wait... it'll probably be out in early 2011... I am sooo excited. The official report from Publisher's Marketplace: "Melissa Walker's SMALL TOWN SINNERS, the story of a small town girl who is excited to star in Hell House, her church's annual haunted house of sin, until a childhood friend reappears and makes her question her faith, to Caroline Abbey at Bloomsbury Children's, at auction, in a two-book deal, by Douglas Stewart at Sterling Lord Literistic (NA)." 2. Okay, so this wasn't created for the lip syncing contest I had, but it is particularly excellent. And it makes me happy on this hot summer day (I think I've watched it like 10 times). I give you Ralph Ippolito of the NYC Ballet corps, singing Taylor Swift (thanks to Michael Northrop for pointing me this way): I really need a fan for my next singing video. And ballerinas, of course. 3. I saw Charlotte Sometimes perform last night and she ruled, as usual. If you don't have her album yet, I highly recommend it. LOVE. Happy Tuesday!