Cosmogirl%20cover.jpg I'm so sad. You guys know I've always mourned the death of ELLEgirl, which was my favorite job ever. And now COSMOgirl! is closing. I was just reading their October issue on the subway, and I was folding down the page that featured "Pretty Cool Job: Nail Polish Namer," because when I was younger, I came across a lip gloss color called Frosted Pumpkin and for some reason I thought that was the Best Name Ever, and I decided I wanted to grow up and name makeup shades. I love that they always had features that made me think, "Yes! I'm so glad they covered this!" Plus, I had been scheduled to work during the Executive Editor's maternity leave, so I was just getting all psyched to be in the office with such an amazing staff.I'm rambling, but the point is, I really have loved COSMOgirl! The smart editorial (this month's "The Myths of Eating Disorders" is a can't-miss read, as is "Stop the Skank Talk"), the increasingly amazing fashion spreads (quirky beautiful, I think) and their focus on leadership among girls. I was also unexpectedly enthralled in their "The Boys of Twilight" triple interview. Sigh. I'll miss you, CG! The website lives on at A question for you guys: Are magazines dying? Like, do you read magazines regularly, or have subscriptions? I am online all the time, but I still read magazines too. What about you?