Reviews, reviews and thank yous

suze070709-1.jpg So today I've been excited to hear from people reading Violet on the Runway and Violet by Design, and I want to say thanks!First, Glamour magazine included Violet by Design in a roundup along with other fashion books worth checking out (one of which was written by former ELLEgirl advice columnist Jfur Brandt Taylor--that's her cute self pictured). And if you haven't read Violet on the Runway yet, Cat at Beyond Books just got to it and made me really happy with an insightful review (it's also totally flattering, which is always good). The prolific Jocelyn at Teen Book Review posted a review of Violet by Design that addresses the weight issue I tried to tackle in the book--I love J's passion about that in her write-up. So, just thanks, everyone. It means a TON TON TON to me. I am as happy as Jfur in that photo!