Random Tuesday Stuff

survey.jpgA favor for my friend Lynn Biederman, co-author of Unraveling (remember her brilliant cover story where she thought the first cover's character's boobs were saggy--ha!): She needs teenagers to answer a fast (3 minutes, multiple choice) survey--it's about sex and sexually related topics in YA lit, and it's for librarians. Totally anonymous!Lynn says, "This is NOT about censorship for library community. It's about getting some perspective from teens on their attitudes about sexual content in YA/teen lit." So take it if you can. I'll give you a bonus entry on the Audrey, Wait! contest if you take it by tomorrow, when that contest ends. Just comment and let me know you took it. In other contest news, Mrs. Magoo is giving away a copy of Lovestruck Summer here. And, the readergirlz pick for June is Sweethearts! If you've read it, come join in the chatter. If you haven't, pick it up! Seriously, what are you waiting for? (I loved this book--Cameron and Jenna have such a fantastic friendship! Sigh.) PS-Serena Robar, author of Giving Up the V (out in July) is giving away a book every day in June! Sometimes more than one. So check out her schedule and enter to win, day after day. (She'll be here to do a Cover Story soon too.)