Pre-party giveaway: Find your theme fragrance

Tomorrow starts the big contest news, but today I had to share this fun opportunity! Below is the email I got from Theme Fragrance. Enter their contest. I think by "why summer" they mean something you love about summer? Not sure. But cool, right?21.jpg Violet in Private Giveaway! Theme is in the party bag for the release of Melissa Walker's book Violet in Private! The giveaway is the dynamic duo of SARONG and FROLIC... shhhh...and don't tell anyone that you get a third fragrance by blending the two together! (and these are limited edition bottles made just for this book release party) ThemeFragranceViolet Promo how to enter... go to and leave message in the guestbook about "why summer" leave your email so i can contact you. (your email address will not be published or given away...) giveaway ends August 16th. PS-It's Melissa again. Do you guys have signature scents? I used to love Sunflowers in high school... but right now I'm not sure what to wear. I tried Marc Jacobs' Daisy, too. Other suggestions? PPS-Last chance to enter Monday's contest (easy one!) and win Death By Bikini.