Photo Friday: Wedding Dresses

I may keep doing this for Photo Friday for a while (forgive me, but I LOVED my wedding!). I was never a bridal girl, but man, it was fun. And if you click to enlarge, the photos get clearer (the high res makes them fuzzy on the blog--sorry!).So here's how the dress thing went: First I went to bridal shops that I found overpriced and under-stylish. So, for the ceremony, I bought a 1930s nightgown at The Family Jewels, a vintage store on 23rd Street, and had awesome designer Garo Sparo make it into a gown. Et Voila! Here you can see the detail of the top: bridesmaller.jpg And the full length: truck smaller.jpg And the back: back of gown smaller.jpg I wore sparkly London Sole flats in "multi," and a handmade flower from twistedcrystals on etsy in my hair. Next week, dress #2! (Bear with me, people.) Happy weekend!