Photo Friday: Wedding Dress #2

Those of you who tuned in last week know that for my wedding ceremony, I wore a 1930s slip that was turned into a gown by the amazing and talented Garo Sparo. For the party, though, I wanted a flouncy dress with tulle, 50s style. Once again, Garo came to the rescue, saving a doesn't-really-fit dress I bought on ebay (I had to! I loved it!) and making it mine. Here are some pics (click to enlarge if they look blurry): Two dancing shots (one clear, one I like to call "dreamy") where you can see its volume. Walker_Grossman_Rcptn_47.jpg dave melissa dreamy dancing.jpg And one more volume shot: Walker_Grossman_Rcptn_121.jpg A little shot of me and my friend Anne, and a shock of Carolina Blue! carolinablue.jpg The shoes! The shoes! I loved them. Vivienne Westwood for Melissa. They can be yours. Walker_Grossman_Rcptn_202.jpg And, of course, I had to abandon the heels later in the night (this is the after party). Bloch ballet flats work, too. Walker_Grossman_Rcptn_228.jpg For the guys, Dave's suit is Gucci. He spent the money I saved on my vintage dresses! Thanks for bearing with me through my wedding fashion timeline. So if you have a thought, tell me: Which dress do you like better? Happy Friday!