Photo Friday: Videos I'm Loving Right Now

I had to share some music picks for the weekend. These are heavy in my YouTube Top 40 rotation this summer: How could a song called "Violet Hill" not make me think of... well, Violet? I imagine Roger singing it to Violet sometimes. Yes, I'm a dork. And I keep thinking my characters are really alive. They are somewhere, right? My college friends will make fun of me for secretly liking Augustana's single, but I do. What can I say? I'm actually listening to this a lot while I write LOVESTRUCK SUMMER, my new book for 2009... what that says about the romantic angle, I'm not sure. But I am into it. I cannot not embed my girl Rihanna. This song makes me think of false friends I've had. More on that when I'm feeling like really opening up. Also, any song that starts with the words "You look so dumb right now" is pretty awesome. Happy Independence Day!!! What are you listening to this weekend? PS-If any reviewers are game to post reviews of the Violet books on, I'd so appreciate it. It's sad that there's nothing there! (I know is new, but still... bare bones!). Huge thanks.