Photo Friday: Vancouver Boat Trip!

So you know how I was in Desolation Sound near Vancouver a few weeks ago? Here are some pics from the trip:floatplane2.jpgfloatplane.jpg We took a little floatplane from Seattle to Vancouver (cute dog not included). It was SO. FUN! It landed right next to our friend Tom's father's boat in Desolation Sound... brayonboat.jpg where I promptly settled into my cabin to avoid the rain and read the readergirlz pick for October--The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray! kayak.jpg Later, we went kayaking. octopus.jpganemone.jpg And then... fishing! First I caught an octopus and a sea anemone (do not ask me how...). Yes, I let both go, of course! shark2b.jpg And then I caught a Dogfish Shark! I actually caught a couple of them, but I like this shot of me and Dave (I made him unhook and release the shark. I'm not getting near those teeth!). fishinggear.jpgfish.jpg Later, Natalie and I went fishing in big yellow raingear, and we caught major salmon. We ate a fish dinner and then Natalie made gravlox for breakfast! We had a very cool female fishing guide, and the guys called our boat the S.S. Estrogen--we caught the most fish by far. Ha! This was kind of a once-in-a-lifetime trip--it ruled! Hope you guys had some fun travels this summer too. Yes? And Happy Fall!