Photo Friday: Tiaras + Libraries

I posted about Meg Cabot's awesome tiara auction over at readergirlz, and now I'll share something: I'm bidding!Yes, it's true. I'm hoping to win one of the two tiaras below (top is by Julie Andrews and her daughter Emma Walton Hamilton; bottom is by Judy Blume!) to wear to my wedding. Is that weird? Wish me luck! Tiara%20Auction%20091.jpg Judy%20Blume%20Tiara.jpg And if you want to get 5 friends together and bid on a Sisterhood-of-the-Traveling-Tiaras-type accessory to wear to Prom, I think that's a dandy idea! (Cuz they're kinda pricey, but it all goes to support the NY Public Library, so be generous!) Check out all the styles here (Lauren Conrad, Sarah Dessen, Vera Wang! And of course, Meg! Plus lots more...) Happy Friday.