Photo Friday: The NY Times in My Apartment!

I was interviewed in the NY Times this week about my record collection, which was fun. Of course, the way I describe sitting on the couch with a glass of wine and the lights out makes me sound a little douchebaggy, but I think The Times likes that sort of thing.I really liked talking to the writer, Roy Furchgott. He knows a lot more about records than I do, and that was interesting. A photographer, the awesome Angela Jimenez, also came to take pictures, and she snapped the lead photo, where I have no chin. But my skin looks really good, right? Glowing, even? I'll take what I can get. table.600.jpg It was a funny day because the cable guy came at exactly the same time as Angela, so she had to wait around and shoot stills of my records while I showed him how to navigate the basement. But she was really cool and fun to talk to, and we really just sat there chatting and listening to albums like New Order and Bishop Allen. Happy Friday! PS-Something else to know about: Yahoo! Shine's Gifts for the literary fan includes Violet in Private (among lots of great gift ideas). Go find a book that you can give as a gift!