Photo Friday: The New Kitten!

So we did end up getting two kittens (thanks for everyone's advice!). The second one's name is Winona (Winnie for short, and when she's in a cheerful mood). Here she is, sitting pretty, with attitude:winnie.jpg And here's Swayze, eyeing the baby Christmas tree: swayzetree.jpg The two of them get along... sometimes. Dave captured a still moment: bedcats.jpg I'm so glad we have two! You guys were right--Swayze is much happier with someone to bully, and she swats him right back. Happy Friday! PS-Aspiring authors: Have you heard about how the awesome authors from The Longstockings are offering writing workshopping/critiquing to 12 lucky readers (one each month in 2010)? Very cool. Go see!