Photo Friday: Rio, One More Time!

I'll stop after this, but I just had to get a few more Rio photos in. Hey, whenever I get my passport stamped, it deserves two Photo Fridays.Here's Erin and me outside at Pier Maua, where the shows were: melerinpier.jpg Of course, the week wasn't all work... there was some beach reading (btw, how insane is Breaking Dawn? I think it was my favorite of the series for its utterly compelling bizarreness, and that dreamy cottage): beachreading.jpg I also got to float in the pool a bit: pool.jpg And we made some fabulous friends, like Ingrid and Basil from Canada's Fashion TV, who went with us to Copacabana Palace: copacabanapalace.jpg And here's one fashion show, just for fun. It's Espaco Fashion, and though I'm not the best videographer, you can get an idea of the feel of things: It really was fun. It's a year of travel! Happy Friday!