Photo Friday: Office Portrait

Romer Pedron, a photographer whom I met when he was in high school and submitted some photos to ELLEgirl (which were published), recently did a photo shoot with me at my house. It was for his thesis project at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), and he shot a bunch of people in the fashion industry, including moi.I won't show you everything (I'm really doing this post to show off Romer!), but here's one shot where you can see my writing space--the overstuffed pink-flowered chair, my laptop, my standard black-with-jeans writing outfit (though, honestly, I don't always have all my teen magazines spread out like that, nor do I read my own book!): RP_Melissa_2.jpg Don't worry--I'll get a little color from the sun this summer! And if any writers are looking for author photos, Romer rules and is super sweet and fun. Happy Friday! PS-It's Book Chic's Blogiversary month, and I made him a vlog to celebrate it. Watch the "um" count here on myspace or here on youtube!