Photo Friday: Me, Parker Posey and Kayaks

adlerteacup.jpgOkay, so last weekend I got to go to this amazing Jonathan Adler charity brunch hosted by the Fred Flare gang. It was to raise money for God's Love We Deliver, and it was a fabulous morning!One: Because of the charity, naturally. Two: Because I got to meet Jonathan Adler, who is delightful and charming and makes amazing homeware (see teacup!). Three: Because I got to meet Parker Posey! She and I had a 30-second long conversation about gum that went like this: PP (putting gum in her mouth): Don't you think gum is getting kind of weird lately? MW: You mean with all the excessive flavor bursting? PP: Yes! And with weird flavors like chocolate mint. MW: Ew. PP: I know, right? Smile, pose for photo with Jonathan Adler that I'd requested. Delightful! I LOVE Parker Posey. It's almost like we starred in Dazed and Confused together now. We're that tight. I wish. IMG_0013.JPG Oh, and Dave and I got kayaks and brought them to our apt in Brooklyn (mine is yellow). It was a success! I'm sure we'll use them, um, next spring? IMG_0018.JPG Happy Friday!