Photo Friday: Love Your Body, plus Readergirlz and a Violet Contest

calvert.jpg I hope you guys'll all join the discussion about the Violet books throughout August at Readergirlz, where we'll be talking fashion, fame, and finding your true self among all the noise. Body image is a huge part of these books, as I've discussed with book maven Little Willow, and it must be since they deal with the modeling world.Little Willow emailed me to this image, pictured, because it won the National Organization of Women's Love Your Body poster contest this year. And it's beautiful! Had to share. Check out their campaign, which would so not approve of Violet's night with just olives and soda for dinner (she does make mistakes sometimes, but she's a good role model in the end!). Happy weekend. PS-Head to Linda Gerber's blog for a big Freebie Friday, including a full set of Violet books! And also read about our big reading on Wednesday (and please come if you're near NYC).