Photo Friday: In My Mind, I'm Gone to Carolina...

My friend Jeff from high school got married over Memorial Day weekend in gorgeous, sunny Chapel Hill. In true Jeff style, the ceremony was at the Old Well -- a central campus landmark. It was beautiful, Stephanie his bride looked gorgeous (and she's smart and funny too!), and the whole thing just gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling. Aw, I love high school friends. Nipsy, you did well. Hipstomatic vows shot:

IMG_0442.JPG Bride and Groom!

IMG_1546.JPG Dave and Silent Sam. Man, I love this campus. (Go Heels!)

IMG_1555.JPG Old Well cake!

IMG_1559.JPG Me with Stephanie (is her hair the best you've ever seen or what?):

IMG_1564.JPG Two of my best high school friends, Jeff (the groom) and Jed. See, those friendships totally last!


Happy weekend!