Photo Friday: Honeymoon Part II

I'm going to post a few more Honeymoon photos (yes, I've done this before) and then I won't talk about it again. But we finally got these uploaded, so I had to share. Nova Scotia, people. It's awesome.candy.jpg We like candy, especially when it's in the form of a rainbow ball. hitchcock.jpg This crazy, Hitchcock-esque house was near the first cafe we saw outside of Yarmouth. flowers.jpg Dave made me a mini-bouquet. grooming.jpg And then he continued his grooming (see the sign--this was my idea of hi-larious). melissa beans.jpg We camped out one night, and Dave was obsessed with his choice of beans. hermit crab.jpg We found a hermit crab on the beach! cabin mess.jpg We made big messes in the cabin where we stayed in Inverness. melissa baddeck.jpg I got tired of picture-taking in Baddeck. cape breton.jpg But everything was so darn scenic that we had to. Dave with his giant camera in Cape Breton. Sigh. It was FUN. Happy weekend!