Photo Friday: Her Name is Rio

I believe I've mentioned that I was in Rio for a week. Sigh. I'm back now, but the memories live on. And you know how I like to share...So there was definitely lots of fun stuff on the runway, like blue-flame hair at Coven: bluehair.jpg Erin--who's blogging Rio Fashion for (check out her gallery of male models)--and I got front row, and even in front of the photographers' pit, at most shows (which was unexpected and awesome!): melerinfrontrow.jpg The audience was lovely also--these girls were dressed to the nines every day: attendeestyle.jpg And there was fun style too--like this Lady Gaga tee that I specifically snapped for my friend Julia: gagatee.jpg Also at the shows: fried cashews! Heaven. cashews.jpg And one lounge had Coco Chanel chairs! cocochair.jpg A runway favorite of mine: liquid legs at Juliana Jabour. liquidleggings.jpg Oh, it all made me want to write another Violet book! I'll post a video or two later if I can get my uploads together, and I'll share some more casual pics (it wasn't ALL fashion all the time there) next week! Meanwhile, I covered the shows for, so check it out if you want to hear more. Happy Friday!