Photo Friday: Food and a Tornado

Just some photos from the last week to share. Most are food. I am really into food.I made a peach-and-raspberry pie! It came out really well. (I didn't make the crust. Baby steps.): peach pie.jpg My friend Anne and I had drinks at the Soho House roofdeck. My friend Jolene served us and recommended the Pepper Margarita (which was delish). As I sipped it, I watched models walk around the pool. It was such a SCENE up there. pepper margharita.jpg All week, I was enamored of the tomatoes in my farmshare (yes, I know how lame that sounds). I made Caprese salads every day (tomato, basil, mozzarella, eat!): mozz salad.jpg Last night, a tornado blew through NYC. It hit my neighborhood pretty hard, and here's the pic I snapped on my way home -- this is my block. (The NY Times has a lot of photos that are better in this really fascinating series.) Bklyn tornado.jpg Happy Friday, everyone!