Photo Friday: Fashion Week LEWIS Show

Some photos from Alison Lewis's show at Fashion Week, which was--as you can see--simply divine and totally my style. I want that diagonal button dress (up front)! Click for clearer photos (don't know why they're so fuzzy!).the%20set.jpg So sometimes, shows aren't on a runway; they're on a stage where the models stand to be looked at. Of course, they don't have to stay still, but they do have to look pretty up there for a couple of hours. This show was held at Bobo in the West Village. alisontanesha.jpg Meet lovely designer Alison Lewis (left) and stylist Tanesha Smith (who did all the styling for the show, including the gloriously messy headscarf wrapping, which I loved). Also note that crazy cat in tulle. bird.jpg A fancy bird that was part of the decor. I just liked it for it's oddness. Happy Friday! PS-Little Willow alerted me to former model Robyn Peterson's one-woman show, Catwalk Confidential, which totally reminds me of Violet! ("Robyn Peterson writes with pungent theatrical wit about her swift, exciting and funny ascent from Florida teenager, hanging around the pool, to ravishing model, strutting on the high fashion runways in Paris. Seeing her onstage now, you know exactly why she was such a blazing star." -- David Trainer, Director "That '70s Show"). Wish I could go to the show, but it's on the west coast!