Photo Friday: Fashion Show #2, Thank Yous and Contest Links

photo-1.jpg I got to go to the 2008 Annual Fashion Show for The High School of Fashion Industries in NYC last week. Standing with my friend Selena, who's a model, makes me feel like a milkmaid, but she just tells me that high schools have bad lighting (thanks, S).But anyway, can you believe such a cool high school exists? It does. And everyone there is fabulous. We even got to sit next to Malan from Project Runway (remember the guy with the bizarre accent? He has an even more hilarious laugh). So fun! Here are some shots from their amazing show, full of student designers and models (click to enlarge--camera phone, sorry!): fashionshow.jpgIMG00069.jpgIMG00075.jpgprojrun.jpg PS-I want to give out a few flowers, just for weekend fun: Purple peonies to Cat for the birthday post! So sweet. Red roses to The Book Muncher, for the Violet by Design review! Dewy white daisies to Fresh Fiction for the fun review! Turquoise Tulips to HangProud and Lisa Fraser for profiling me! Pink pansies to my friend Tanesha, who just started styling's chic new counterpart: b*fly! Iridescent Irises to Jennifer Banash for the release of The Elite, the first book in her new series. Go here to win a copy! Puce posies to Reviewer X for her How to Be Popular contest... going on now! And, last but not least, bunches of bluebonnets to the fantastic Cynthia Leitich Smith, who's giving away a copy of First Daughter by Mitali Perkins, and many other prizes, including her own book Tantalize, which I need to read soon!