Photo Friday: Carolyn Mackler Reading!

Last week I got to go to a reading for Carolyn Mackler's newly released TANGLED (see the video of her reading on readergirlz!). The book is really great -- it's from four points of view, and each one intertwines with the others in such a compelling way. At the end, you feel magic and resolution! CM is a master.Also, she had heart-shaped cookies that mirrored her book's cover: IMG_0774.jpg tangled-cover.jpg And she posed with me (no idea why these photos get so fuzzy when I post--sorry!): IMG_0776.jpg You know, Carolyn was the first author I went to when I had a book idea -- we'd known each other a little through magazines and our shared alma mater. And she was definitely the one who made me believe I could succeed. I remember she told me, "You'll get published! Melissa Walker is such a great author name!" Love it. Happy Friday! PS-Had to point out this awesome Laurie Halse Anderson post about Book Pirates. Please don't steal books online! (Libraries, people.) Thank you.