Photo Friday: California and Gray's Papaya!

Last week I was in San Francisco and Sonoma, which ruled, so here are a few pics.IMG_8527.jpg At the Museum of Modern Art, behind Jim Hodges' meticulously sewn artificial petals, which create an amazing flower curtain. IMG_8549.jpg In the sideview mirror of the convertible Mustang we rented for Sonoma and Napa. Yes, we went that cheesy. IMG_8579.jpg At the Sterling Vineyard in Napa. I'll admit it: I had lots of wine. I also seem to be having a Flashdance moment. IMG00186.jpg And last night, I saw that Gray's Papaya in the West Village got in on the collective WOOOOHOOOO in NYC last week. OBAMA! Happy weekend. PS-The Book Vault is giving away five SIGNED copies of Katie Finn's TOP 8. I heard Katie read a little while ago and she was SO SO good! Seriously hi-larious. I want to win. What about you? Enter here.