Photo Friday: Arcadia, Florida

Last month when I was in Florida for a weekend, my mom and I drove across the state from west to east and came across this middle town: Arcadia. We stopped for lunch in the charming downtown area, and I snapped a few pics. I love discovering places like this!Gorgeous old building (pink!) with an adorable little tea shop downstairs: pinkbldg.jpg An opera house! operahouse.jpg Hello, vintage blue-violet-gold dress of my dreams! (This store wasn't open--tragic!) violetdress.jpg Oh, me? I'm just peachy. peachdress.jpg A bookstore with baked goods wins my heart every time. booksnmuffins.jpg Isn't this just such a charming town? It used to be the county seat! I'm not even sure what that means, but I love it. Happy Friday!