Photo Friday: 80s Teen Movie Love

Alea got me thinking about movie soundtracks I love (Some Kind of Wonderful is at the top), and Nicole asked for some 80s teen movie recommendations. I can't possibly list all of my favorite 80s movies, but I can give a shout-out to these nine. Please add them to your netflix queue immediately if you have a pop culture deficit in any of these areas.200px-some_kind_of_wonderful_poster.jpg200px-St_elmo%27s_fire.jpgHeathers%20poster.jpgB00005JKOI.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpggoonies.jpglost-boys-movie-poster.jpgPF_972747~The-Breakfast-Club-Posters.jpgsay_anything.jpgdirty_dancing.jpg PS-Remember, if you're a Gossip Girl fan, you cannot understand Chuck Bass until you know Steff from Pretty in Pink. PPS-Got more? Name them in the comments. Anyone who names one I haven't seen (that is a true classic) wins a lip gloss!