Photo Fr-Saturday: Massachusetts!

heart sculpture.jpgI didn't get Photo Friday up yesterday, so here it is today. Last weekend Dave and I went to Massachusetts to visit our friends and their new baby. I'm not sure they want me posting baby photos here, so I will just say: baby Eleanor is a BEAUTY! Now here are some photos that don't include her. We went to the amazing deCordova Sculpture Park in Lincoln, MA (if you live near here you must go!). We walked around in the sun and hung out with art (that's me and Dave, above, with hearts). Ruby Slippers made of tires! rubyslippers.jpeg Dave, framed: daveframe.jpeg Eyeball tree! eyetree.jpg Pinecone army: pineconemen.jpg And we went to Walden Pond for a walk, which made me happy: thoreaucabin.jpg melwoods.jpg Also this week: I made candy with a Glee Candy Making Kit! It's sitting on my Jonathan Adler plate that I got when I met him at a brunch. candies.jpeg Hope you had a ruby-slipper-and-candy-filled week! Happy Saturday!